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RE: [TCLUG:4297] InstallFest swap meet

I've got some stuff, though it might not be as nice as you're looking for.

- 1Mb PCI video card (Advance Logic)
- a couple 1 Mb ISA video cards (I think I have a Trident and a couple
- several IDE hard drives (ranging from 40Mb to 120Mb, I think)
- LOTS of ISA NIC's, mostly WD or SMC chips (great for Linux!)
- Plenty of 4Mb, non-EDO SIMMs
- Even more 1Mb, 30-pin SIMMs
- Some other misc. stuff...

I've been trying to get rid of this stuff for a while. A swap meet sounds OK
to me!

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> From: Tim Wilson []
> Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 4:19 PM
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> Subject: [TCLUG:4297] InstallFest swap meet
> Me again,
> Well my budget for the capital equipment is spent for the year, and I've
> got some spare computer parts lying around. These parts have been donated
> over the year by a local business. Unfortunately, I won't be able to
> finish putting these machines together since all are lacking one or more
> vital parts.
> I wonder if any of you who are going to come to the InstallFest would be
> willing to do some trading. I don't think I've got much of value, but
> perhaps I can trade for enough parts to complete a couple of these
> systems and clean off my counters at the same time! None of these systems
> have monitors, video cards, RAM, HDs, or keyboards. I'll list as much
> about each one as possible. Send me a private email if you want more info.
> Here's an inventory:
> * Digital DECpc XL 560 with hernia-inducing case, P60 CPU, and floppy
> * full-tower case with motherboard and P133 CPU, w/ 3.5" floppy
> * (3) mid-tower cases with motherboard and P90 CPU, 1 has floppy
> * Packard Bell P75 w/ floppy, CD-ROM
> * (3) full-tower cases with power supplies (2 have 3.5" floppy)
> * full-tower case w/o power supply
> * mid-tower case w/ power supply and 3.5" floppy
> * a few 486-33(SX and DX)  Compaq Deskpro systems with 240 MB HD, 8 or 16
> MB RAM, floppy
> I need:
> * a couple PCI video cards (2 MB is sufficient)
> * couple HDs (1 small SCSI would be awesome)
> * 15" monitors
> * PCI NIC (less necessary)
> Later,
> Tim
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