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InstallFest swap meet

Me again,

Well my budget for the capital equipment is spent for the year, and I've
got some spare computer parts lying around. These parts have been donated
over the year by a local business. Unfortunately, I won't be able to
finish putting these machines together since all are lacking one or more
vital parts.

I wonder if any of you who are going to come to the InstallFest would be
willing to do some trading. I don't think I've got much of value, but
perhaps I can trade for enough parts to complete a couple of these
systems and clean off my counters at the same time! None of these systems
have monitors, video cards, RAM, HDs, or keyboards. I'll list as much
about each one as possible. Send me a private email if you want more info.

Here's an inventory:
* Digital DECpc XL 560 with hernia-inducing case, P60 CPU, and floppy
* full-tower case with motherboard and P133 CPU, w/ 3.5" floppy
* (3) mid-tower cases with motherboard and P90 CPU, 1 has floppy
* Packard Bell P75 w/ floppy, CD-ROM
* (3) full-tower cases with power supplies (2 have 3.5" floppy)
* full-tower case w/o power supply
* mid-tower case w/ power supply and 3.5" floppy
* a few 486-33(SX and DX)  Compaq Deskpro systems with 240 MB HD, 8 or 16
MB RAM, floppy

I need:
* a couple PCI video cards (2 MB is sufficient)
* couple HDs (1 small SCSI would be awesome)
* 15" monitors
* PCI NIC (less necessary)


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