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Re: [TCLUG:4288] Not-So-Rosy Linux Article in the Star/Trib

The URL is failing to retrieve the article. Is it short enough to paste onto
the list?
 I don't want to leave my linux box in order to buy
a copy of the article. :)

After reading everyones replies, I'ld like to say one of the things I
appreciate about linux and it's community of users is when I get stuck and
formulate some half literate question that vaguely describes my scenario other
users derive personal satisfaction from getting me through the quagmire. While
I've enjoyed helping people with windows, I don't think it's the same because
participating  in a commercialy motivated culture fails to propegate the sense
of having  strengthed a culture that belongs to you.

Maybe we should organize a Windows installfest. harharhar Then again maybe I
should get my teeth cleaned.

Schlough, Mark (NM IT) wrote:

> -Feb-1999
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