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Re: [TCLUG:4288] Not-So-Rosy Linux Article in the Star/Trib

The last part "Feb-1999" is also a part of the URL..

And to somebody who does not know unix the following command 
is kind of cryptic since it appears that he also has to type in
"[root@bigdog....]" just to add an user.

>> "[root@bigdog /root] # useradd Steve." 

rtp wrote:
> The URL is failing to retrieve the article. Is it short enough to paste onto
> the list?
>  I don't want to leave my linux box in order to buy
> a copy of the article. :)
> After reading everyones replies, I'ld like to say one of the things I
> appreciate about linux and it's community of users is when I get stuck and
> formulate some half literate question that vaguely describes my scenario other
> users derive personal satisfaction from getting me through the quagmire. While
> I've enjoyed helping people with windows, I don't think it's the same because
> participating  in a commercialy motivated culture fails to propegate the sense
> of having  strengthed a culture that belongs to you.
> Maybe we should organize a Windows installfest. harharhar Then again