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domain name serving question.

I am trying to help a friend with his domain name setup.
And I have a very basic question that I have gotten pretty 
confused with.

We have registered the domain name and have
2 name servers serving up this name.  What do we have to
do get any name ending with to be routed to the
same machine. 

Do we have to ask our DNS host to add each new host as
and when we need them or is it possible for them to send
anything of the type * to our server ?

Do we have to setup a domain name server for
domain and resolve names for that or am I totally confused
and crazed :?  I am guessing that the DNS host has to have
some kind of forwarding setup for us to manage all *
names ourselves. If so what would it be ?  

I perused the DNS-HOWTO but I was not able to answer the
above question from that.

Thanks for any help.