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Mail failure

TO: Christopher McKinley                                       DATE: 02-25-99
                                                               TIME: 21:21
SUBJECT: Mail failure

[002] Mail was received that was addressed to unknown addresses.
Mail item was not delivered to:

   From: Christopher McKinley []
     To: tclug-list []
   Date: 1999-02-25 21:28
Subject:  Re: [TCLUG:4325] domain name serving question.


Umm... spank me with a wet noodle ... I didn't read your email correctly
the first time through ... long day ... anyhoo ...

Yes, you can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard in your NS records.  It
will match any number of labels in a name, as long as there is not
already an exact match in your DNS database.  Usually you would use this
for mail forwarding and mail direction to a central mailhub, but I
suppose that you could use this for your zone records -- but of course,
you need to try it out.  Sorry for the noise.

Christopher McKinley wrote:
> You say that you have registered the domain name.  What did you put down
> for your nameservers?  If you put your ISP, then they have to do it, and
> they should be fairly responsive to this kind of request -- unless they
> are USWest and have no clue as to what they are doing.  If you picked
> two of your systems, then you need to run some kind of DNS service (I
> recommend using BINDv8).  In that case, your question is beyond the
> scope of this list, and I recommend getting _DNS_and_BIND_, 3rd Ed. from
> O'Reilly by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu.  If you want to use your own
> DNS servers but put your ISP's numbers in there, you need to change that
> with NIS on their webpage.  Also, I suggest that let your ISP know about
> this anyway so that they can maintain the reverse lookup tables (IP addr
> to hostname) properly.  But go with someone other than USWest, as they
> are very easily confused.
> -Chris
> Sandipan Panigrahi wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I am trying to help a friend with his domain name setup.
> > And I have a very basic question that I have gotten pretty
> > confused with.
> >
> > We have registered the domain name and have
> > 2 name servers serving up this name.  What do we have to
> > do get any name ending with to be routed to the
> > same machine.
> >
> > Do we have to ask our DNS host to add each new host as
> > and when we need them or is it possible for them to send
> > anything of the type * to our server ?
> >
> > Do we have to setup a domain name server for
> > domain and resolve names for that or am I totally confused
> > and crazed :?  I am guessing that the DNS host has to have
> > some kind of forwarding setup for us to manage all *
> > names ourselves. If so what would it be ?
> >
> > I perused the DNS-HOWTO but I was not able to answer the
> > above question from that.
> >
> > Thanks for any help.
> > --
> > sandipan
> >
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