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Re: [TCLUG:4288] Not-So-Rosy Linux Article in the Star/Trib (is agood thing!)

> InstallFests exist, right?  So that people like Steve can say "what's
> this about partitioning my hard disk?" and someone will cheerfully help

Speaking of partitioning, that's what I'm doing right now on my 
Pentium, and I've run into a snag. The Red Had manual clearly states 
that the nix kernel must be located within the first 1024 cylinders 
of the drive, but then it totally fails to explain what a cylinder 
is, how cylinders corespond to megabytes, etc, etc. Hey, I'm a 
software guy, not a hardware expert!

I looked at Seagate's glossary page, so I do have some idea what it 
all means now, but how do I find my drive's vital stats, or at least 
the OEM and model number so I can get the stats on the web? I'm 
basically a Mac guy so Windows hides too much from me and I'm all 
thumbs at DOS.

I did already delete my 2 extended partitions (D & E drives), and 
created a new smaller D (I want to share this drive with Windows), 
but will the first dev/root/ partition fall within 1024 cylinders? 
It's a 3-gig drive, I don't know how many platters, C takes up the 
first gig.

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