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Re: [TCLUG:4254] InstallFest swap meet

While we're at it, anyone interested in a SuperMicro P6DBE motherboard (dual slot 1)?  I just bought a celeron 300a, and unfortunately the board auto-detects the voltage, so when it's overclocked to 450 it keeps giving 2.0v (thus
making it always crap out on boot).  Does anyone have any experience with SuperMicro boards?  How can I fix this?

If I can't get it fixed, I'm going to get a FIC 601 (I've also looked at the Abit BX6, but prefer jumpers), but I need the money to do so!  So if anyone's interested in a dual board in mint condition, I'm asking $150 or best
offer.  I also have my PII 300 chip (which the 300a replaced) which I'm trying to get rid of, best offer on that.