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InstallFest - March 6th

We are planning on having an InstallFest next month instead of a meeting. It is
scheduled for March 6th from Noon until 5pm. For those of you that haven't been
to one yet or are just getting started with Linux, the InstallFest is the place
for you. Just bring your system(s) and get ready to install Linux!!! I have been
getting a lot of e-mail from some of you asking how to get started. Well, this
is how. Plus there will be direct Internet access available, so you will be able
to download all the latest software in seconds. 

It will also give you a change to ask all the questions you want with your
system right in from of you. There will be plenty of 'veterans' that can assist
you with almost any problems you have.

To make this as effective as possible, I am asking for suggestions on how to
make the InstallFest better. So if you were are the last few and want something
done differently this time, let me know. 

Also, since I am not very prepared, I don't think I will get any 'door-prizes'
from the big vendors in time. If anyone knows of any local companies that would
be willing 
to donate some prizes, let me know. (T-shirts, cd's, mouse pads, etc.)

Henry Sibley High School
1897 Delaware Ave
Mendota Heights, 55118

It is approximately 1.5 mi. east of 35E on Hwy. 110. If you need driving
directions, check out

There will be a few extra monitors and keyboards in case you can't bring

Hope to see you there.

** Clayton T. Fandre       **
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