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RE: [TCLUG:6233] Builing A System

I've decided that the ASUS P2B-F is the motherboard for me.  Does anyone
have any suggestions for suppliers.  I check Gen. Nanosystems and they
no longer carry or care to order this board.  The only source I found is
CompUSA and they have to order it.  Any Ideas.



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	On  2 Jun, Perry Hoekstra wrote:
	> At 01:26 PM 6/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
	>>I am about to build a new system from scratch, and this will
be my first
	>>time at this.  Does anyone have any motherboard
recommendations to use.
	>>I am not afraid to spend money if it is worth it.  Any other
help on
	>>peripherals would be appreciated.  I want to run Red Hat on
this system
	>>as well.  I have only used RH & Caldera.  I like RH the best.
	>>anyone have any comments on this. 
	> I liked the ASUS P2B-F motherboard, especially its emphasis on
PCI slots
	> versus ISA slots.  The LAN Admin/PC guy at the client I work
for currently
	> agreed with me (there is no better barometer of a person's
	> than how often they agree with you) and built about six PCs
using the ASUS
	> P2B-F mb for developer use (including mine). The motherboard
runs about
	> $140.00
	I just built a dual P-II/III system and the two best boards for
	seem to be the Tyan Tiger and the ASUS dual board.  However the
	about $100 more and for no good reason, that anyone I talked to
	Jon Schewe

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