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Re: [TCLUG:6233] Building A System

"Barnholtz, Brian" wrote:

> I've decided that the ASUS P2B-F is the motherboard for me.  Does anyone
> have any suggestions for suppliers.  I check Gen. Nanosystems and they
> no longer carry or care to order this board.  The only source I found is
> CompUSA and they have to order it.  Any Ideas.
> Thanks
> Brian

Purchase it online.  I got mine from  The problem with
Tufshop is they don't tell you inventory levels so it is hit or miss on
whether they have it in stock. The last motherboard took two weeks because
it was backordered a week.  Bunta ( has online inventories so
you know if it is in stock.  Those are the only two that I have dealt with
for motherboards.  CDW ( has motherboards but they are way
overpriced! However, I would recommend them for other equipment.

Perry Hoekstra

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