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Re: [TCLUG:6369] Sparc5?

Tim Wilson responded:

>> As a (completely bogus) measure of horsepower, anybody got one of these
>> running Linux and if so, what's the bogoMIPS rating?  I'd like to not
>> go through the exercise if it's gonna run like a beast missing a leg.
>It looks like the BogoMips mini HOWTO has a fairly comprehensive listing
>of benchmarks. Check it out at

Thanks, Tim.  I checked out the page and it looks to be upwards of
100 BogoMips (depending on a buncha stuff, mostly clock speed).  The
good news here is that it's at least twice what I'm seeing on my
pokey old PC (a 100Mhz P-I).

Many thanks to all who reponded'ildy,