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Re: [TCLUG:6324] yellow dog and other linux for macs

Jacqueline Urick wrote:

> yikes...had no idea this list was so active..heh, better check it more often..
> I actually haven't tried Linux PPC, just yellowdog (champion 1.0) and MkLinux.
> Yellow Dog just seems to be a fancier Linux PPC. I switched from MkLinux to
> yellowdog in the last two weeks, mainly to use gnome and to take advantge of
> what a newer kernel would offer.  I've been having wicked trouble with gnome.
> Afterstep has so far been pretty stable - on MkLinux and yellowdog. Netscape
> has also been a problem. Supposedly the unsupported gnu-mklinux versions of
> communicator work with yellowdog, but I haven't been able to get 4.08 or 4.5
> to complile. (In MkLinux, I could only get 4.08 to work with any kind of
> stability). HFS+ partitions can't been seen by linux yet, which is a big pain
> ( tho not that big of a pain, since sheepshaver isn't released yet). But HFS
> partitions are also a bit of pain, since they truncate filenames (grrr).
> Yellow dog, most likely because of its relative newness, has little supporting
> documentation, which is also frustratng at times. So I suppose thats why I ask
> if anyone else has installed yellow dog or linux PPC, cuz I want to know if
> they've encountering the same obstacles.
> Jacque

I run linuxPPC r4.1 at home on a powermac 7200 and have not had any problems with
netscape.  I don't run gnome as windowmaker (the wm I prefer to use) still has
issues when working with gnome.  A friend of mine is running yellow dog and he
doesn't really like it at all, he is going to switch to linuxPPC when r5 is
released (when is that going to happen by the way, isn't that a couple of months

Good Luck