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RE: [TCLUG:6384] Cheap high-volume backups?

How about a 20 gig IDE HDD?  They are only $250-300 and it wouldn't take
long at all to transfer all that data...  It wont be much for scalability
and it's not very robust, but if your looking for fast, big and cheap it's
the route I would go.


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You want to backup 16GB onto 650MB media? Ouch, you are braver than I am :)
Maybe if you do CD-RW, but they can be pricey compared to CD-R, but you can
create a filesystem on them & then write to the filesystem.  You can then
overwrite them instead of using new disks.  The other problem with CD-R* is
the slow write times & you need at least 700+ MB free for an ISO9660 image.
Tape is definately better as far as compatibility with automation goes.
OTOH, CD-R is quite useful for one-offs, etc.


On Mon, 7 Jun 1999 13:49:35 -0500 (CDT), Yaron <> wrote:
>  Hi,
>Ok, I've got about 16 gigs of harddrives and I think it's time I ran a
>I'd like to get a SCSI DAT drive, because I know and trust DAT (as long as
>I make dual backups of each tape!). But those things are expensive as
>heck, especially DAT3...
>I tohught about a 2 gig JAZ drive, but I hear the media is a bit
>expensive, and I figure I'll need at least 20 gigs worth of media (double
>backups, compression, etc).
>Right now the best option looks like a CD-R. I can get a Plextor x4/x12
>Internal SCSI for around $250, and mediais dirt-cheap. Could get 100 CDs
>for like $50 or less, make several backups and have enough left to play
>frisbie with. Plus I end up having a CD-R which is pretty cool (:
>Anyone have a nice Backup Media/Drives comparison thing or advice? I'm
>moving on the 26th and I want to have a backup before that...
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