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RE: [TCLUG:6384] Cheap high-volume backups?


On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Dan Willenbring wrote:

> How about a 20 gig IDE HDD?  They are only $250-300 and it wouldn't take
> long at all to transfer all that data...  It wont be much for scalability
> and it's not very robust, but if your looking for fast, big and cheap it's
> the route I would go.

Well, basically I already have four IDE devices - 3 HDDs and a CDROM.

Also... there seems to be a problem with copying from IDE1 to IDE0... as
in ripping a CD onto hda1/ I don't know why, maybe my hda1 is faulty,
maybe my MBoard is... in any case, I need to do this backup in less than
20 days so I don't have time to replace drives/mboards...