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Different users, NIC

Hi everybody.......

Do one of ur guys here know how to make another account in RH6.0
......actually i got already root account & i want to make another account
to access certain files ???

I'm install RH6.0 in network topology token ring & the network card we're
using is Olicom Token Ring PCI adapter. Do you guys know how to install
driver for this network card??

Default interface for this RH6.0 is GNOME, can I change it to other
interface like KDE. If I'm using KDE, can I just shutdown it without log in
to GNOME first??

I'm always have to mount the CDROM, is there any way that I can permanently
mounted the CDROM when log in  to RH system?? Also I've got problem here is
after I mounted the CDROM, I can see what kind of file inside CD but I
cannot change to the other CD because seem my CDROM doesn't want to eject
after I mounted it?? I'm using : mount /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom

TQ very much for your help......
'newbie in Linux '