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Re: [TCLUG:6471] simple home network

Basically, all you need to do is to point the two devices at each other
with the cross-connect cable.  You will want them to be set up in the
following manner:
eth0 A

eth0 B

You may also want to consider your networking numbering scheme to
something a little more conventional within the class C. You are
properly assigning private addresses, but you may want to look into your
address assignment technique.  Consult the NET-3 HowTo
( for more
information on the subject.  Alas, since it is a private network, it's
entirely up to you how you want to go about assigning addresses.  

Good Luck!

Peter Lukas

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Tim Wilson wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> Here's a question that probably a lot of people have, especially Linux
> newcomers. I'd like to set up a simple home network using the Linux box on
> my desk and the Linux laptop that I'm borrowing from school for the
> summer. The Compaq 1580DMT laptop has a 3C589D PCMCIA card and my desktop
> has a DEC Tulip-based 10/100 NIC. I also purchased a crossover Cat-5
> cable. Both NICs are well supported BTW.
> What are the steps involved in getting these computer communicating? I
> don't need anything fancy like IP Masquerading or anything. The laptop
> has a modem of its own. Here are the hostnames and such:
> workstation: 	beethoven.wilson.home
> laptop:		copland.wilson.home
> Thanks for any help you can give. I hope that others on the list will
> learn something from this too.
> -Tim
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