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simple home network

Hey everyone,

Here's a question that probably a lot of people have, especially Linux
newcomers. I'd like to set up a simple home network using the Linux box on
my desk and the Linux laptop that I'm borrowing from school for the
summer. The Compaq 1580DMT laptop has a 3C589D PCMCIA card and my desktop
has a DEC Tulip-based 10/100 NIC. I also purchased a crossover Cat-5
cable. Both NICs are well supported BTW.

What are the steps involved in getting these computer communicating? I
don't need anything fancy like IP Masquerading or anything. The laptop
has a modem of its own. Here are the hostnames and such:

workstation: 	beethoven.wilson.home
laptop:		copland.wilson.home

Thanks for any help you can give. I hope that others on the list will
learn something from this too.


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