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Linux discussion panel June 22, 1999 morning or afternoon.

I am putting together a four person panel to address the Linux operating
system in the work place. This will be presented to a group of company
owners, CEO's, CIO, and other executives on June 22 during a one hour
session. Currently one is scheduled during the morning hours but there
may be an afternoon session scheduled as well. If anyone is interested
in participating in this panel (either morning or afternoon or both )
please let me know. This will be a good opportunity for our local area
company executives to hear about Linux and how Linux may utilized in
their organization. 

This technology briefing for executives will take place Tuesday June 22,
1999 at the Radisson South. 

Tim Burke
Donnal Group Inc.		URL		
Phone 612-474-7785						
Fax 612-474-7793