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Re: [TCLUG:6489] Qwest bids for USWest

Maybe they know what they're doing. They're inheriting a mess, to be sure,
but think of everything they would make if they actually *executed* on
things like DSL and customer service.

Heck, even if 55B is too much, I don't care. The potential to actually
have a decent telco provider with customer service and a real chance of
seeing DSL in my home within 5 years is awesome to me. Qwest is typically
a data provider, right? (I can't tell crap from their wierd commercials)
If so, they may have a clue.


On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Bob Tanner wrote:

> Qwest must be idiots. 55 billion for USWorst?!
> Hello upper management at Qwest, ride the light and turn it on in your
> boardroom and figure out USWest has the worse customer support in the
> industry. That should shave at least 3-4 billion off the deal.
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