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frame buffer support

Hey everyone,

I was compiling 2.2.10 my Linux box at work today, and I decided to try to
the frame buffer video stuff. It's a fresh install of Linux Mandrake 6.0
(BTW, Mandrake is really sweet!), and I did install XFree86-FBDev. Anyway,
I configured the kernel with frame buffer support, selected my Matrox
Millenium II card, and finished the compile. After the reboot I got this
cool little Penguin logo at the top of my screen (evidence that the frame
buffer is operating apparently), and the video on my system is remarkably
faster. I mean A LOT faster! Scrolling in Netscape is lightning quick.

Anyway, if anyone wants to try this, I think you need one of the Matrox
cards. I assume that frame buffer support for other cards is forthcoming.
Please correct me if I've got some details wrong here. I didn't read too
much about it before I took the plunge.


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