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RE: [TCLUG:6489] Qwest bids for USWest Really RE: DSL

Wow what a deal. I don't have to spend the $300 dollar installation fee. I
only have spend $300 for CPE equipment that costs $0 from uswest. Then I
only have to spend $259 a month for the same services I get from uswest for
$65 (dedicated IP and 512 upstream service). Best of all the service still
goes though the uswest CO switches(check the faqs at covad since onvoys dsl
faqs are completley lacking in facts).

So I get the complexity of having a new line installed and a little
reduction in service for only an additional $2400 a year (or I could
substantially downgrade my service to a home service for only an additional
$360 a year over what I'd pay uswest)

Sign me up. By the way, any more jobs available at onvoy.

HOT-DAMN! I qualified for the 384k service! She said the reason was that
they use the USWest line to verify that the CO is capable of doing the
switch work, but they actually string their own line from the CO to the
house. It does NOT piggy-back your voice line like US West DSL.

If you're interested, HURRY. They have a promo going to waive the $299
install fee if you call before 5pm TODAY. They begin installing in my area
July 1 (southern Minneapolis), but it'll still be 30-40 days after that
until I get hooked-up. Oh, least there is actually light at the
end of the tunnel!