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RE: [TCLUG:6489] Qwest bids for USWest Really RE: DSL

I live near 53rd and Chicago Avenue South. USWest has told me to "call
back next month" every time I've talked to them since the first time. For
the first few months I did...then I started losing hope. Apparently, my
home is connected to a DSL-capable CO, but I live just outside of their
DSL limit distance and have dirty/noisy phone lines.

Rather frustrating. They *still* tell me to try again next month. I was
almost considering ISDN, but that was just *too* too much $$.

I find it unlikely that USWest will dig up the wires in the ground just so
I can have DSL. It will happen eventually, and at that point I'll switch
if it is still cheaper. I don't find onvoy's pricing to be out of line,
however. For the same cost as USWest's 256/256 I get 384/128. Same
bandwidth but in a configuration I'll more likely benefit from. Keep in
mind that $40 for 256k with USWest doesn't include the ISP charges. The
only thing I don't like about onvoy is their IMHO unreasonable penalties
for termination of service. That's a lot of $$! I guess I'll just take
the gamble that I'll live in my place another year.


On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, d. divine wrote:

> I apologize. I would reiterate that Onvoy's pricing and service is out of
> line for any home or business that can connect using local ISPs. What
> section of Minneapolis does not have DSL available from USWest and would
> they give you a time frame.
> > July 1 (southern Minneapolis)
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