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Re: [TCLUG:6524] Y2K, linux and bios

Ben K. is correct.

That said, the short answer, from the hardware point of view, is "it
depends [on your board's manufacturer]." The result of your test could
be interpreted as:
1) your BIOS will not switch over from the old century to the new one
automatically, but will run correctly once it's manually set in BIOS to
"XX/XX/2XXX"... as long as the battery lasts.
2) your BIOS will not be able to deal with any year after 1999, in which
case you will have to set the date by hand on startup or get the date
from some other place.

There's one way to tell! (Halt your box, go into BIOS and try to set the
date to sometime next century. If it takes, you'll be fine!)


Nothing convinces me that computing is an art so much as a bad install.

David Guy Brizan          612-814-8223

Ben Kochie wrote:
> Linux, once running, does not depend on the BIOS clock for operation.  bootups
> may be messed up, but if you use a network date app, you should be ok
> On 16-Jun-99 Ben Luey wrote:
> >