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Effective 18-Jun-1999 at 1800 CST, the TCLUG mailing lists will become:

You might want to send a message to for the 
list of new commands. Some of the niffy ones are:

The old mailing list addresses will continue to work indefinitely. But I'd 
like everyone to start using the new domain. Eventually
will become a Free Star Craft Server :-)

Also, the mailing list archives will be moved to a new url.

The old urls will still work, they will just redirect you to the new urls.

At 1800 CST, I take down tclug and mass subscribe everyone to
list. I then will mass unsubscribe everyone from the

I update the message count and digest counts on to be the same as

I bring down the tclug web site and install the Redirects in the .conf files. 

I am sure there are a few things I forgot, but we can fix those on the fly.

Thanks for your attention.

The cut-over should be it for awhile. A lot of stuff was upgraded doing the
move. Some good security stuff was installed and better monitoring. Almost a
big enough project to talk about a meeting. :-)

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