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Help in setting up headless firewall

I have an old 486 Compaq Presario that I'd like to set up as a
firewall/masquerading gateway. Preferably, I'd like to run it "headless",
i.e. without monitor, keyboard or mouse, and administer it via telnet/ssh.
My problem is that I need a monitor and keyboard, at least, to get RedHat
onto the machine. I have two other Linux boxen -- is there a way to hook
up one of the other machines to the 486 via the serial port, and somehow
get it to send its screen output through there to a minicom program? Any
other ideas? Even a crappy monitor is still too expensive for me, and I
don't want to buy one just to use it once. Thanks for your help.


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Minneapolis, MN			| by stupidity.