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Re: [TCLUG:6569] Help in setting up headless firewall

You can actually buy an adapter for Mac monitors to work on a PC. (What
you want costs ~$5 at local Mac stores like "FirstTech.") You're on your
own with the keyboard and mouse, though. My Mac actually has PC ports
for all of those. Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!  (:*)

Seriously, if you live close by (Uptown Minneapolis), I'd be happy to
cart what you need to your place for the install.


Nothing convinces me that computing is an art so much as a bad install.

David Guy Brizan          612-814-8223

"Daniel M. Debertin" wrote:
> Dan Willenbring wrote:
> >Maybe I missed some of the info, but couldn't you "borrow" a monitor from
> >another PC, plug it into the 486, install away and put it back on the
> >other PC after you have stuff working?
> Oh yes, I should have mentioned this .... the two other computers are
> Linux boxen, yes -- they're both macs, though, which have (AFAIK)
> incompatible monitors.
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>              | what can be adequately explained
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