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ISDN vs. Cable??

I have about three or four days to make a big decision here: since I'm moving
I'm looking into getting a better connection.  And I pretty much have only two
choices: one-way cable modem (700kbps down, 33.6 kbps up) or ISDN (two 64kbps
B channels).  Both has its own advantages and both are the same price (if you
figure in that you're getting a phone line with ISDN and still have to pay
extra for one with cable) and I''m pretty much stuck with which choice I pick
since I have to sign a one year contract for cable and a two year contract for

I do a lot of downloading so 700kbps seems very attractive, however I've heard
horror stories of people getting 28.8 speeds.  Furthermore, I also play a lot
of quake2/3 so the low latency of a digital line is also very attractive.
Please, someone give me suggestions!!  I need to decide soon.