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RE: [TCLUG:6583] ISDN vs. Cable??

Since you're asking in the Linux mailing list, I'll assume you need to be
concerned about Linux hardware support.  Both SURFboard 1000 (internal) and
SURFboard 1200 (external) cable modems work with Linux.  Don't know about

If you want consistent low ping for gaming, go ISDN.  I have MediaOne
one-way cable modem service, and my Half-Life pings vary wildly from 150ms
up to 1200ms depending on the time of day.  It's been very disappointing
from the gaming perspective.

On the other hand, my downloads and web browsing ramp up to incredible
speeds very quickly with the cable modem.  It'll go up to practically
whatever speed the server on the other end can handle.  My max speed so far
has been 115Kbytes/s.

Another issue to consider is how long it takes to connect to your ISP.  The
MediaOne dial-up process takes close to a minute when I use the St. Paul
number, and often doesn't connect at all with the Minneapolis number.  ISDN
always connects in a second or less.  What's more, sometimes MediaOne routes
both incoming and outgoing signals through my 56K modem, instead of using
the cable line.  Don't know why that happens but it's very annoying.

Hope this bit of info helps your decision.  I'm sticking with my cable modem
in the hopes that MediaOne/RoadRunner start bringing in 2-way service soon.
I know they're testing it in Minneapolis because the "Phule's Company"
Half-Life server is running on it.

Carl Patten
Systems Administrator
Trimodal Inc.

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> From: Serge M. Egelman []
> Sent: Friday, June 18, 1999 10:23 AM
> To:
> Subject: [TCLUG:6583] ISDN vs. Cable??
> I have about three or four days to make a big decision here:
> since I'm moving
> I'm looking into getting a better connection.  And I pretty much
> have only two
> choices: one-way cable modem (700kbps down, 33.6 kbps up) or ISDN
> (two 64kbps
> B channels).  Both has its own advantages and both are the same
> price (if you
> figure in that you're getting a phone line with ISDN and still have to pay
> extra for one with cable) and I''m pretty much stuck with which
> choice I pick
> since I have to sign a one year contract for cable and a two year
> contract for
> I do a lot of downloading so 700kbps seems very attractive,
> however I've heard
> horror stories of people getting 28.8 speeds.  Furthermore, I
> also play a lot
> of quake2/3 so the low latency of a digital line is also very attractive.
> Please, someone give me suggestions!!  I need to decide soon.
> thanks,
> serge
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