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Re: [TCLUG:6646] server crash

> Was this machine on a publicly accessible network? There are many DOS's
> for 2.0.35, some of which may have results similar to what you describe.
> My recommendation would be to upgrade to 2.2.10 and see what happens.

It might be better to go to 2.0.36 instead, since 2.2 changes several
things..  Besides, it's pretty easy to upgrade to..

Download the appropriate RPMs (if you're using RPMs)
upgrade the packages with 'rpm -Uvh <file>.rpm'
edit /etc/lilo.conf to point to the new kernel image
run /sbin/lilo
reboot (and cross your fingers ;-)

Anyway, just had to pipe in...

Mike Hicks

(missing .sig -- ack!)