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Re: [TCLUG:4383] Sparc and Linux

I've got an IPX at home that I run 2.0.35 on.  Works well, no complaints.
I don't run X on it so I have no idea how that would go.  I imagine it
should run pretty well on a 5.  One fun thing you can do is is install the
openprom stuff during a kernel compile and muck about with your prom
settings under linux (not for the faint hearted :).  Another advantage
is the protected stack space, making buffer overflow exploits less
likely to succeed.  I'm planning on replacing mine with a 5 at some point
in the future unless I can score an IPX or Classic with a Weitek Power-up.
The only negative thing I've had happen is that dropping to the PROM
console and attempting to continue after mucking with the PROM doesn't
always work (hence the openprom).  This, however, may only be an issue
with SUN4c's; I haven't really looked into it.

Jim Raney
Sysadmin, Citilink Internet

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Bob Tanner wrote:

> Anyone care to comment on stability of Sparc Linux?
> I have a Sparc5 that I'd like to install Linux on it. Good idea?
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