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Re: [TCLUG:4349] Configuring for sound

> >Can you give us some more info about your system?
> HP 3265, 233 Mhz MMX, 32 MB, 2.1 GB, SuSE 3.5, Kernel 2.0.35.
> If there is a sound card I can plug into the ISA slot and have the kernel
> recognize it with out re-compiling, it would save me from another system crash.

Well, Linux has modules that will probably work (unless you compiled the
kernel on your own, then you'll probably have to re-compile with support
for your card either in the kernel or as a module).

On my roommate's box (he has an AWE32, IIRC), he has two lines in his
/etc/modules.conf file for the sound (the lines were added by RedHat's

alias sound sb
options -k sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=0,5

Those lines basically just tell the sound subsystem that it is supposed
to use the SoundBlaster driver (sb) for sound, then the next line has
all of the options for the card..

io is the IO address of the card (SoundBlasters usually run 0x220)
irq is the IRQ the card runs on (In ancient days, it used to usually be
7, but now it's usually 5)
dma has two options if you have a 16 bit card.  only one if you have an
old 8-bit SB or SBPro.  The first is the 8-bit DMA channel (usually 1),
the other is the 16-bit DMA channel (usually 5)

Unfortunately, you may also have to deal with ISA Plug-n-Pray.. 
isapnptools is what you'd use to fix that problem (although I'm not sure
if I've ever gotten it to work on my own..)

If S.u.S.E. has a sound configuration utility, try it.  It might help..
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