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Re: [TCLUG:4407] Opera to Linux (licq)


On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Ben Luey wrote:

> > frustrating. I think you could add "licq" to the QT family. Then we'ld
> > have two programs to run. I tried to compile licq and my gcc version
> licq is great, and the licq-0.51 rpm installs fine. It alone makes qt
> worth while on my system. If you have an i386 computer, give licq another
> shot. 

licq 0.40-0.50 liked dying on me when people would try and send file
attachements, or URLs, and when I tried sending a message to people who
weren't online anymore (but licq and I didn't notice yet), and the chat
windows would randomly change colour to blue-on-blue... 

Gtkicq works fine for me. I need Gtk+ anyway for gimp and several other
things... I didn't like the way qt handled itself (setenving QTDIR and
other env variables, and I needed to have .Xclients read them in a
different shell-format or licq wouldn't run from WM's dock, etc).