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RedHat 5.2 + Errata + Gnome 1.0 + KDE + More Stuff

I've recently updated the RedHat 5.2 distribution to contain not only 5.2
plus the errata, but I've added support for Gnome 1.0 to the RedHat
installer and modified their xinit scripts so that both kde and Gnome are
supported as window manager options.  Additionally, I've replaced certain
"unsafe" RedHat packages with rebuilt ones.  The cd also includes my
reinstallation package for automated workstation rebuilds and remote
package maintenance. The end result is an updated and more secure RedHat
installation.  If there's enough interest, I'll bring a few copies to the
Install fest on Saturday.  Perhaps someone could bring a cd-burner and we
could make copies?

Peter Lukas