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uuencode format for spaces.

I have a uP evaluation board that I am trying to interface
with linux. It needs me to download an uuencoded format. But
when I try to uuencode the file in linux and download it I face
2 problems :

All spaces are encoded as a backquote "`" and the end of the line
is with a "\n" instead of a "\r\n" (carriage return, linefeed)

So I have had to pipe the uuencode output to "sed" and translate
the text that way.

I recently downloaded a uuencoder for Windows and I see that
it allows you to specify a choice of escaping spaces with "`"
or leaving spaces as is/

uudecode on linux does not seem to care if I use "`" or " " 
(space), it happily decodes both identically but uuencode
does not allow me to not escape spaces with a "`".

Does anybody know of a uuencode program that would do so on
linux ?  I since I have a work-around it is not so important to me
but I am just curious.