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Re: [TCLUG:4494] Gnome 1.0 minimize/iconify question

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Carl Patten wrote:

> I have a newly installed RedHat 5.2/Gnome 1.0 running with Enlightenment
> 1.15, and when I minimize/iconify an app with the "_" button, the app
> appears to vanish.  No cute little icon appears.  Is this normal behavior?
> How do I get my program back?

Would you feel better if you knew that I've had exactly the same thing
happen to me? I couldn't figure it out either.

There will be a Gnome 1.0 demo on Sat. So far, I'd say that I'm not
anywhere near ready to adopt gnome as my default desktop. It shows a lot
of promise, but the stability isn't there yet. I have all of the gnome 1.0
RPMs on my ftp server, though, so anyone who wants to give it a try will
have everything they need.


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