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Re: [TCLUG:4554] DNS Questions

1) No idea; but it probably has something to do with using named.boot-type
configuration instead of named.conf

2) The newest version of bind (8.x.x) uses a named.conf configuration,
where the older versions (4.x.x) use named.boot. The syntax is totally
different; but there is a perl script somewhere to do
named.boot-->named.conf conversions.

3) net-pf-5 is either IPX or AppleTalk (don't remember which one). Edit
your /etc/conf.modules and add the line 'alias net-pf-5 off', and the
message will go away. If you need IPX/Appletalk, compile the module, and
this error message will also go away.

4) Under RedHat, where are some things you have to do to get modules
working correctly with a new kernel. There is a "correct" way, which
seemed to be a pain to me, so I never bothered figuring it out. How I do
it, is I edit the /etc/rc.d/init.d file, search for 'depmod -a preferred',
and change it to just plain depmod -a. This will just look for modules for
whatever kernel version you are on instead of going to the preferred
symlink; eg, if you use 2.0.36, it will look at /lib/modules/2.0.36; if
you use 2.2.2, it will look at /lib/modules/2.2.2. The other way you could
fix this would be to remove the line 'rm -rf /lib/modules/preferred' from
the same file and just make the symlink yourself. Or, of course, you could
always figure out the "proper" way.  Your choice.

Nate Carlson
the infinite loop

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Keith R. Bolson wrote:

> I am trying to get DNS running locally via the HOWTO
> Running into a few problems.  Using RH5.1, kernel 2.0.36
> 1.  on ndc restart, error message 'no proceses available.'
>      named isn't started on boot.
> 2.  file called named.conf in HOWTO is apparently named.boot
>      for real.  Is the usage identical?
> 3.  on boot, modprobe doesn't find net-pf-5 (related?)
> 4.  Perhaps I should use kernel 2.0.34-0.6 as distributed.  (?)
>      On re-compiling the kernel, the modules.dep and preferred
>      link in /lib/modules do not seem to be updated properly.
> Thank you.  --krb
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