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Re: [TCLUG:4564] Updates gnome rpms

In my opinion KDE is the "Safe" new GUI while Gnome is the "Hot" new GUI.
At least it's the one I've thrown in my lot with.  Obviously there's a lot of
controversy about this but it seems like Gnome has (all license issues aside)
has a slightly better toolkit (GTK) and it has Redhat behind it.

I wouldn't mind seeing a mirror nearby - I often find myself having to 
files from Sweden.  (Isn't it ironic that I can often download a file faster
from ".se" than from ""?  Considering the UofM is about 6
blocks from my house.)


>Quoting Clay Fandre (
>> There are updates rpms for gnome-1.0 on the gnome site (go to a mirror.
>> It's a lot faster). They fix a few problems with certain apps not
>> working (ee, gqview, etc.) Go get 'em now!!!
>How many of you are running GNOME? I was under the impression that KDE
>was the "hot" new GUI.
>Give me feedback, if there are enough GNOMErs I'll mirror the site
>locally here at Real Time.
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