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Re: [TCLUG:4564] Updates gnome rpms

Clay Fandre wrote:
> I personally love gnome and dislike KDE. From the looks of it at the
> InstallFest, I'm not alone. It would be great if you would mirror it.

Same here, except that I don't really disklike KDE.  I wouldn't
be caught dead running it on my own computer, but that's more out
of loyalty to GNOME.  I've been closely following GNOME for
almost a year now, and am very impressed by the momentum it has
gained, both as a valuable desktop suite, and as a technical
masterpiece.  Especially now that the twisty morass of rapid
version hopping and dependency shuffling is settling down into a
solid base.

KDE is a nice, useful platform that so far has eclipsed GNOME
because of GNOME's youth and rapid (i.e. destablizing)
development.  We'll only know GNOME's true worth when we can
compare it to KDE on equal ground.  I think GNOME 1.1 is supposed
to be out sometime this summer.  That's when they'll really go
head-to-head, IMHO.