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Ok... so I installed Gnome 1.0 Just To See What It Is(tm).

Now, back in the Olden Days, I remember you had to run 'gnome-session' and
it'd start. So I run it... wait... wait... read the nifty meaningless
messages in the xterm it ran from... wait... wait... read... wait, and it
starts a panel, and a filemanager, and the help thing. Took it 2 minutes
to get that far.

Then, I try and kill it and restart it, and it reruns my 'session' (ie,
opens 3 more xters, several more pines and netscapes). I didn't see a
"Close without saving" option.

Also... I'm running WindowMaker as my WM, and I have to say... the
integration thing sucks bigtime. Can't drag'n'drop into the dock, Gnome's
apps don't have WM icons (or at least automagically set themselves as "No
Application Icon"), Gnome's panel and icons don't play nice with WM's

Oh, and it crashed like 4 times. After which restarting made it reopen all
the windows it thought should be there (double the apps each time)...

Am I missing something?