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Re: [TCLUG:4588] Gnome

> Now, back in the Olden Days, I remember you had to run 'gnome-session' and
> it'd start. So I run it... wait... wait... read the nifty meaningless
> messages in the xterm it ran from... wait... wait... read... wait, and it
> starts a panel, and a filemanager, and the help thing. Took it 2 minutes
> to get that far.

Unfortunately, Gnome isn't the greatest speed demon on the planet..  I
think the 1.0 release takes longer to start than some other recent
versions, but I might just be imagining things..

It helps to have plenty of memory (I have 64MB, and it looks like it's
getting a bit tight... *sigh*), and a decent speed processor (I ran
Gnome 0.99.x on a P166 without complaints..  Now I have an K6-2 333, so
it's better than it was..

> Then, I try and kill it and restart it, and it reruns my 'session' (ie,
> opens 3 more xters, several more pines and netscapes). I didn't see a
> "Close without saving" option.

Heh..  if that happens, you may want to whack your ~/.gnome directory,
or maybe only some of the files in there.  I would like an option to
_not_ save my desktop (or have some option to have certain programs
start, while others don't..)  I don't like having everything start up
for me, especially since you could end up starting something that
previously crashed the session..
> Also... I'm running WindowMaker as my WM, and I have to say... the
> integration thing sucks bigtime. Can't drag'n'drop into the dock, Gnome's
> apps don't have WM icons (or at least automagically set themselves as "No
> Application Icon"), Gnome's panel and icons don't play nice with WM's
> icons/dock...

Window Maker is not fully Gnome compliant (although I think they said
they were..)  I run Enlightenment, which is definitely improved from
earlier versions, but still has it's problems..
> Oh, and it crashed like 4 times. After which restarting made it reopen all
> the windows it thought should be there (double the apps each time)...

I know that gmc is highly unstable, but I haven't had many problems with
gnome-session.  I have heard that gnome-session doesn't talk well with
apps running as root, so if you were just testing as root, I'd recommend
testing as a user.
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