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Re: [TCLUG:4595] Sound still doesn't work

> One of the worst things about Linux is the difficulty in 
> configuring your system.
> Tried running isapnp, uncommented the lines in /etc/isapnp.conf, 
> ran it, but nothing comes out of the speakers in KDE when playing a 
> CD, and kmixer states there is no mixer support for my system. The 
> boot message states the system detects the sound card. Btw, 
> windoze, upon boot, gives me the following data: SBPro I/O=220 
> IRQ=5 DMA=1.
> How do I actually get sound to work?
> Maybe buy a Mac.

Do you have a WinModem with voicemail capability, something like 
that? Because I was having the same problem with my SB-compabile 
sound card until I yanked my WinModem, which had a patch wire linked 
to the card, and apparently this messed up the DMA i/o addresses, 
etc., etc.

Just a thought. Maybe you should just look at your sound card and see 
what else it's hooked up to, besides the motherboard.
Hugh Johnson