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Re: [TCLUG:4595] Sound still doesn't work

> One of the worst things about Linux is the difficulty in configuring your 
> system.

Um.. I think that's probably true of any OS...  At least the worst thing
about Linux isn't that it crashes too often ;-)

> Tried running isapnp, uncommented the lines in /etc/isapnp.conf, ran it, but
> nothing comes out of the speakers in KDE when playing a CD, and kmixer states
> there is no mixer support for my system. The boot message states the system
> detects the sound card. Btw, windoze, upon boot, gives me the following data:
> SBPro I/O=220 IRQ=5 DMA=1.

I'm surprised you don't get any sound when playing a CD..  You should be
able to hear that even if the card isn't recognized by the OS (unless an
amp somewhere along the line isn't getting turned on or something..)

> How do I actually get sound to work?

Try running 'cat /proc/devices' and see if there is a line

14 sound

and also maybe send us the output of 'cat /dev/sndstat'

> Maybe buy a Mac.

What?!?  And miss out on this fun? :-p

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