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RE: [TCLUG:4615] Reinstalling Windows and Linux at the same time

Load winders first, then Linux,  

Linux can see the windows partition, but windows can't see Linux .

In fdisk be sure to partition the drives before hand.  Fips is great, but
fdisk is always best.


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> Subject:	[TCLUG:4615] Reinstalling Windows and Linux at the same time
> I have a friend who's reformatting his entire system.  He wants to know
> whether he should load Linux first and then Windows or the other way
> around?
> What would you guys suggest?  Install Linux, (it will be on the same hard
> drive as windows), then install Windows (will it recognize the partitions
> and leave them alone?), then boot off a floppy and run lilo?
> Will that work?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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