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Re: [TCLUG:4615] Reinstalling Windows and Linux at the same time

Just FYI, I attempted to reclaim a partition on a machine at work because
I no longer needed Linux on that machine.  MS fdisk was completely unable
to deal with the ext2 partition and claimed some bogus error.  I had to
use Linux's fdisk (the one that comes with Debian 2.x absolutely rocks!)
to set the partition back to FAT32.  Then the MS fdisk could drop and
reclaim the partition using its own routines, and I was able to
"recontiminate" that partition with normal MS FAT32.

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From: Carl Patten <>
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Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 4:56 PM
Subject: RE: [TCLUG:4615] Reinstalling Windows and Linux at the same time

I've heard from a number of sources, and confirmed by personal experience,
that it's best to use the Windows/DOS FDISK to set up the Windows
then load Windows, then load Linux and use Linux fdisk (or Disk Druid) to
configure the remaining space on your hard drive(s).


     (1) DOS FDISK creates the Windows partition the exact way Windows
it.  "Bug-for-bug" compatibility so to speak.
     (2) Loading Windows after Linux will disable the Linux boot manager.
True, you can boot from Linux recovery disks and re-run LILO to re-enable
the boot manager, but why bother?
     (3) You can configure an existing DOS/Windows partition to auto-mount
under Linux when you go through the Linux install.  The reverse is not
possible at this time; you can't mount a Linux ext2fs filesystem within

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

Carl Patten
Systems Administrator
Trimodal Inc.

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> Subject: [TCLUG:4615] Reinstalling Windows and Linux at the same time
> I have a friend who's reformatting his entire system.  He wants to know
> whether he should load Linux first and then Windows or the other way
> around?
> What would you guys suggest?  Install Linux, (it will be on the same
> drive as windows), then install Windows (will it recognize the
> and leave them alone?), then boot off a floppy and run lilo?
> Will that work?
> Thanks,
> Dave