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RE: [TCLUG:4588] Gnome

I asked that question about a zillion times at the InstallFest. Only a
couple people had used both, and no one had any extensive details of
functionality differences to share. I guess when I get some free time, I'll
just have to install gnome. Perhaps I'll give a report to the list!


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> Vince Platt wrote:
> >
> > Other than the fact that
> > Red Hat will be pushing GNOME in the future, doesn't anyone know of some
> > distinct functionality dis/advantages between the two???
> A couple days ago, I posted such a list for GNOME.  I'm not
> familiar with the current state of KDE, so I can't do an accurate
> comparison between the two.  The posting was in the thread
> "[TCLUG:4564] Updates gnome rpms".
> John
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