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Re: [TCLUG:4588] Gnome

Neal Tovsen wrote:
> I asked that question about a zillion times at the InstallFest. Only a
> couple people had used both, and no one had any extensive details of
> functionality differences to share. I guess when I get some free time, I'll
> just have to install gnome. Perhaps I'll give a report to the list!

Hi Neal,

How familiar are you with KDE?  I'd be interested to hear how KDE
handles the same issues I listed in that previous post.  Does
anyone know KDE well enough to give a point-by-point rebuttal? 
The list is quoted again below.



> 1) Gnome is Window Manager-agnostic.  A number of popular WM's
> are (or are working toward) GNOME compliance, which includes
> session management support, plus a number of extended WM hints
> that allow GNOME to interact more intimately with the WM.
> Enlightenment, SCWM, iceWM, and a few others (WindowMaker? fvwm?
> blackbox?) support these hints.  For KDE, you are pretty much
> stuck with kwm if you want to use all of KDE's power.  (Correct
> me if I'm misrepresenting KDE...It's been awhile since I've
> checked up on it.)
> 2) Pixmap theming support, although that's more of a GTK+/QT
> issue than GNOME/KDE.
> 3) More language bindings, e.g. python, C, C++, Perl, TOM, Guile,
> Objective-C, etc.  This is mainly useful if you're a developer
> who doesn't want to be stuck in C++.
> 4) You can embed live applications (applets) into the panel
> (which is not really a task can use the gnome-pager
> with a GNOME-compliant WM for that).  For example, there's a mail
> notify applet, a little modem-dialer app, a drive mount tool, a
> CD player...even a couple games.
> 5) Anti-aliased drawing canvas, capable of arbitrary rotations,
> etc.
> 6) Supports 17 native languages, FWIW.