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Re: [TCLUG:4673] CDR-CDRW Drives and Linux

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Kevin R. Blum wrote:

> Are the CDR & CDRW drives usable with Linux?
> How do you use them and do you need drivers & software to
> for Linux?

Hi Kevin,

I use an HP 8100i CD-RW with Linux. It's an IDE device so I had to compile
a custom kernel to include SCSI emulation to make it work. SCSI emulation
is required for IDE devices to work with most if not all of the currently
available CD burning software out there.

I use a program called X-CD-Roast. It provides a GUI frontend to the
cdrecord program (separately available). You'll find plenty of info at
X-CD-Roast's homepage

I haven't gotten around to trying CD-RW yet. Others have told me it's
possible though, and hopefully someone else will respond to your question
with info about that.


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