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Re: [TCLUG:4673] CDR-CDRW Drives and Linux

Thanks for the info, Tim
Has anyone used a Philips 6X/2X/2X? with Linux.
Heard great reviews on it somewhere and it costs about $30 or so less the HP.

Kevin Blum

Tim Wilson wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Kevin R. Blum wrote:
> > Are the CDR & CDRW drives usable with Linux?
> > How do you use them and do you need drivers & software to
> > for Linux?
> Hi Kevin,
> I use an HP 8100i CD-RW with Linux. It's an IDE device so I had to compile
> a custom kernel to include SCSI emulation to make it work. SCSI emulation
> is required for IDE devices to work with most if not all of the currently
> available CD burning software out there.
> I use a program called X-CD-Roast. It provides a GUI frontend to the
> cdrecord program (separately available). You'll find plenty of info at
> X-CD-Roast's homepage
> I haven't gotten around to trying CD-RW yet. Others have told me it's
> possible though, and hopefully someone else will respond to your question
> with info about that.
> Later,
> Tim
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