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Re: [TCLUG:4786] Hardware Problem

The same thing happend to me exactly last week... I had pulled out the
system to install something and when i pushed it under the desk it pulled
the exact same 'refusal to boot' trick.  I seated some cables and stuff, and
eventually it booted and then counted to 89 on my 128mb dimm.   Baffled, I
pulled it out from under the desk again and it worked just fine.

In short, it was just some kind of seating issue, i guess; or maybe it was
just feisty that day.  I doubt this little anecdote will do more than just
give you some hope, but that's something, no?

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From: Perry Hoekstra <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 9:51 AM
Subject: [TCLUG:4786] Hardware Problem

>Greet the Monday morning sun all,
>I aplogize for the roundabout way I am sending this message, but my
>USWest email is sticking its tongue out when I try to post directly.
>I am looking for a solution to a problem I ran into this weekend.  It
>isn't Linux related but hardware related.  I have a Dell 120c that
>shortly will become my Oracle database server.  I went to boot it on
>Sunday and nothing.  Taking the thing apart, I have determined a couple
>of things... when powered on, the harddrives are spinning but nothing
>happens.  I can put in a disk into the floppy drive but it is never
>read. It like the box has no bios or it is not reading the bios.  The
>motherboard for my new PC will not be in until tommorrow so I cannot
>swap parts to see if the video card or the harddrives are toast but I
>believe they are fine.  How can I check to see if something has happened
>to the bios if nothing comes up.  What keeps the bios in the flash
>memory of the machine, is it the trickle of power from the lithium
>battery?  Could that have died and taken the bios with it?  One other
>possibility I thought of: how often do motherboards go belly up?  I am
>definately out of my comfort zone on this one. Ideas anyone?
>Perry Hoekstra
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